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Cassels & Sons Brewing Europe Limited – Trading as Cassels brewing co

1 Rushmills, Northhampton, NN4 7YB, United Kingdom


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Rob Holder
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Our UK Cassels core range includes our Milk Stout, Double Cream Milk Stout and Nectaron® IPA.


Milk Stout

5.2% ABV

Available in 30ltr kegs and 440ml cans. Awarded World’s Best Stout & Porter 2019 and World’s Best Milk Stout 2020 at the World Beer Awards in London.

Obsidian-black with a velvety, tan head, our Milk Stout is traditionally brewed with non-fermentable lactose sugar for a luscious, full-bodied mouthfeel. Aromas of bittersweet chocolate, dried fruits, and bold coffee-and-cream flavours all descend on the senses, while soft roasted-malt bitterness keeps the sweetness in check. Welcome to the dark side of craft beer. The world’s best Milk Stout.


Cassels Double Cream Milk Stout Tap Badge


8.1% ABV

Available in 440ml cans. Awarded a Silver Medal at Dublin World Cup 2019 & Country Winner at the recent World Beer Awards in London.

A New Zealand interpretation, our Double Cream Milk Stout is intensely rich, strong and malty with a creamy, almost velvet texture. A full bodied stout with dark mocha and chocolate aromatics. Our Double Cream Milk Stout contains a non-fermentable lactose sugar derived from 100% pure New Zealand milk.



Nectaron® IPA

6.1% ABV

Available in 440ml cans

Introducing the Nectaron® hop from NZ Hops, bringing intense tropical fruit aromas to the party. This NZ IPA has been hopped at multiple stages through its brewing journey, mellow out all that hoppy goodness with the toastiness of NZ Ale Malt and Cassels’ House Ale Strain and the result is the almighty brew you could soon have in your hand.


5.7% ABV

Available in 330ml cans

Golden in colour, and very approachable, our full bodied IPA uses a blend of highly aromatic New Zealand hops. A light tropical fruit flavour with a hint of light caramel malt makes this IPA a refreshing beer for all year.

nz pale ale

5.7% ABV

Available in 330ml cans

Using New Zealand hops, our Pale Ale delivers on all levels. Golden in colour, with fresh tropical fruit flavours and aromas, balanced with a light malt foundation. It is an approachable beer for all seasons

Our UK Cassels special release beers can be seasonal, one-off limited releases, or we might love them so much they may stick around for awhile!


Nectar double ipa

8.2% ABV

Available in 440ml cans.

We’ve taken our immensely popular Nectaron® IPA and turned up the volume to create this Double IPA. Way more Nectaron® hops, plus our exclusive-to-Casssels Willamette hops bring you a punch, tropical fruity brew


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