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Cassels Brewing logo


Cassels are a premium brand in New Zealand’s craft brewing market.

ECAAS Certification Mark - 22000

Our authentic and very much “hand” craft back story lies at the centre of our offer – we feel it is an essential ingredient for any credible craft beer brewery.

Over the years our beer has been recognised at a number of industry awards with multiple wins of gold, silver and bronze medals for our Milk Stout, Lager, and American Pale Ale .

Both of our craft beer Christchurch breweries are situated at The Tannery site in Woolston, Christchurch. 

Our aircraft engineered, original wood-fired kettle is situated at The Brewery Restaurant & Bar – not a garden hose or plastic drum in sight! 

And our 25HL DME brewhouse at Maunsell Street houses the customer specified and built 50HL tanks, in addition to a Czech designed and built carbonation and bottling system and labeller.

Packaged Beer Range

Our finest range of well-balanced, top-quality craft beers are now available in 328ml bottles, and a variety of cans.

On Tap & Kegs

Our keg range includes our six core range beers, along with a range of seasonal beers.